Hey Beautiful, God Loves You

Sometimes it can be so difficult to view what God allows as love. This shirt is meant to be a reminder that both your beauty and worth come from the King of Kings. It is our privilege and duty to remind ourselves and others of God’s faithfulness and consistency. 

Prayerfully this T-shirt will do just that.   


Hand drawn design for Imani Dunning’s book Hey Beautiful, GOD loves you. Printed on a women’s scoop neck from American Apparel.

**Please allow 7-10 days for processing + shipping time*

Purchase here from pandasal.com

We can all learn from another.

Personally, I pray for personal reminders that are meaningful to only God and I. For example, I smile when I see rainbows on a sidewalk or I think of Matt 6:26-27 when I see a flock of birds flying or walking along the road.

Please comment below: How do you remind yourself of your inherent beauty and God’s love?

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