A Letter to My Husband

Dear William Coles,
Thank you for choosing me. Not just the day we got married but everyday over and over. Especially when I give you every reason not to.

I want you to know I support you. I support your dreams. I admire your heart and passion. Your ability to lead men and women alike is a God-given gift. Your discernment of people and opportunities is definitely blessed.

I apologize for the process that I am. Far too opinionated, outspoken, brimming with prickly thorns and sometimes pretty harsh words. 

Now as a married couple, we stand before one another raw. We are truly unveiled and not all of it is intentional. I would love to lick my wounds in private but it’s hard when your spouse is sitting right next to you. Even when we both work all day, marriage has brought about a spiritual and mental tie unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I can feel if something is on your heart whether or not you say anything. I now understand what the Bible refers to when it says that after couples married, they made love, and then knew one another. 

And you are painfully aware of my process–how much I fail, every single area I fall short, the things I excel in, and even things that weigh on my heart that I don’t address. My internal dialogue bleeds out into our marriage through my tone, general attitude, and my words. Whereas if we were dating we could simply be busy and not see one another for a week or longer–plenty of time to deal with or divulge our personal struggles with someone else instead.

Finally, know that you’re not fighting for success alone. You’re not fighting for your dreams alone. The enemy, though he may wage war, has already lost.

Love, Imani Coles

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