Eve Within Introduction: Cindy Similien-Johnson

Personal note: I had the pleasure of meeting Cindy through a mutual friend. It is true that powerful and inspirational people operate within the same social circles. She has inspired me in many ways, namely to give my dreams over to God. You never lack when you surrender to God. We are honored to hear from her for the “Birth Your Book” session and on the Entrepreneurs’ Panel at Eve Within Conference.

Meet Cindy Similien-Johnson


Cindy Similien-Johnson is dedicated to enriching the lives of others. Vibrant and passionate, Cindy has a pioneering spirit. In 2006, she surrendered her life to Jesus Christ at an Intervarsity Christian Fellowship Retreat in Port Jervis, NY. Ever since then, there was a high calling on her life: to serve God through writing.


For many years, she neglected the fulfillment of her purpose because of her own fears, doubts, unbelief, etc. A breakthrough came one afternoon in February 2014 when she was challenged to be the woman of God she was created to be. She decided to take on the challenge and pursue God like she had never before.


Combining her skills in public administration, passion for writing, and a consuming desire to serve God, she founded CSJ Media Publishing as a platform to use her gifts and talents in writing to uplift others.

She is the author of motivational books, including “How to Stay Motivated: Inspiration and Advice for Everyday Living” and “Living Expectantly: 30 Days to Living an Authentic Life.” Her messages help individuals understand their value, find their passion, and live a more purposeful life.


Cindy is the President and CEO of On These Words, an editorial agency that helps individuals become first-time authors.She is also the bestselling author of the cookbook series, “Cook Like A Haitian,” which shares traditional recipes of Haitian cooking and promotes cultural awareness of Haiti.

A graduate of Barnard College of Columbia University, Cindy serves as board member of the United Nations Association-Brooklyn Chapter. She is often requested to speak at various events for young women and the youth.

  • To embrace a community of women following hard after God and their dreams, please consider joining us at the NYC Eve Within Conference next month.
  • Connect with us on Instagram/Twitter: @evewithin
  • Comment below: How has Cindy’s story shed light on the power of your own dreams/goals?

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