Eve Within Introduction: Jeanelle Drysdale

Personal note: I was introduced to Jeanelle through a mutual friend. I was inspired by her commitment to youth and her ventures. We look forward to hearing Jeanelle share on the Eve Within Entreprenuer’s Panel Saturday March 26, 2016.

Meet Jeanelle

Jeanelle is a Jesus lover and a Brooklyn native.
She is the Area Director for Young Life in BedStuy, Brooklyn; a international youth ministry that introduces adolescents to a relationship with Jesus and helps them grow inter faith. She is a journalist who uses interviews in radio, television and writing to tell the stories of many. She is also a lover of tea, 100% grape juice, popcorn and most food therefore she runs to create balance.
You can connect with her through her website or Instagram.

  •  To embrace a community of women following hard after God and their dreams, please consider joining us at the NYC Eve Within Conference this Spring.
  • Connect with us on Twitter/Instagram via @evewithin
  • Comment below: What questions do you have for Jeanelle concerning her endeavors?

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