Eve Within Introduction: Janelle Arthur

Personal Note: I was introduced to Janelle through mutual friends. Her ambition is exemplary. Her commitment to God is evident. We are looking forward to hearing her share at this month’s Eve Within Conference.


Janelle Arthur, Brooklyn-born is a young professional, entrepreneur and Jesus lover. She is a graduate student pursuing her Masters in Mental Health Counseling with goals to become a future Licensed Mental Health Counselor specializing in adolescents, crisis, and trauma counseling.

She works for an international youth ministry called Young Life, walking alongside college students introducing them to a relationship with Jesus Christ, and helping them grow in their faith. In addition, she is a Youth Counselor at the Child Center of NY developing and counseling disengaged youth ages 16-24.
If you thought that was it, Janelle is also the Founder and CEO of H.E.R. Heart Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to equipping and empowering young girls through workshops and mentorship.
Currently, she and her team are facilitating a ten-week apprenticeship on Public Speaking and Leadership at a local middle school in Harlem. In her spare time, she enjoys writing, traveling, dancing, hanging out with friends, and baking. Overall, Janelle believes God has blessed her with numerous skills and capabilities and she has learned to embrace them and realized God has qualified her to do far more than she can imagine.

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  • To embrace a community of women following hard after God and their dreams, please consider joining us at the NYC Eve Within Conference this month.
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  • Comment below: How has Janelle’s introduction inspired you to become all that God has called you to become?

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