Eve Within Introduction: Chris Coleman

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Personal Note: I met Chris Coleman via Twitter a few years ago. He was very friendly, motivated, and clear about his path in life. I’m sure attendees will gain incredible insight as he shares his journey to become a Start Up Superhero and more! We look forward to seeing him on the Entrepreneurs Panel at Eve Within Conference next weekend!


Meet Chris Coleman

Chris Coleman is an entrepreneur, author and the head superhero at Developing Heroes, a company that produces superhero themed mobile apps, books and other digital content in order to help people tap into their inner greatness and become real life superheroes. Through his second company, Black Fox Labs, Chris has had the opportunity to work with brands and companies such as, the NBA, BuzzFeed, Chaka Khan, Blavity, Trailer Park Inc (marketing team behind Mad Men and Breaking Bad) and many more.

You can find out more about Chris Coleman through his website.

  • To embrace a community of women following hard after God and their dreams, please consider joining us at the NYC Eve Within Conference this Spring.
  • Connect with us on Twitter/Instagram via @evewithin
  • Comment below: How has Chris’ bio inspired you to do work that you love?

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