What can we become?

What can we become?
Scrolling through news feeds and timelines, I noticed that everyone seems to be up to something. They’re each making an impact using their skills and gifts. Seeing this can be inspiring, convicting, or intimidating depending on how your life is going the day you scroll.
The thought came to mind that we are all so busy creating. We are reaching in the information age to capture the attention of the audience that will support our ideas, projects, and/or businesses. But what are we becoming? How much time and effort is put into who we become under the surface?
I would like to challenge all of us to do the following:
1. Take time each day to assess your emotional health. Don’t brush past this because “you were fine yesterday.” Truly consider, have you forgiven lately? Have you poured out into the lives of others without refilling? Make an honest assessment and don’t be afraid to rest, take a break, or take a walk to recenter.
2. Assess your spiritual health. Yes, you may or may not know God. You may or may not find it necessary to spend time with Him. But this is how our souls are revived. This is how our tanks are refueled each day–that we might fulfill our roles with grace. Pray that the Holy Spirit would lead and guide you. Pray that you’d only carry what you can handle and continually give the rest over to God.
3. Write down the character you desire to have. It may help to write this in third person. I.e. “She laughs without fear of the future.” Then write/discuss with your inner circle ways to bring this about. Be aware that trials and difficulty birth patience, hope, and resilience. So when they come don’t be surprised, be grateful God is answering your prayers. Pass those tests by enduring until the end.
Girl Chat:

  • Has this activity revealed or confirmed anything to you?

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