Reminders to Love

In quiet time yesterday, God inspired a new initiative within me. I was thinking about Phil 4:8 and instead of just praying that I would stay focused all day, I literally entered what I need to work on into my schedule.

For me, it was loving my husband. I love him already but I can easily lack intentionality or have interactions that are more flesh-led than God-led. 

God encouraged me with various tips/scriptures to enter into the notes section of each event. They were brilliant reminders. I plan to continue to do this.

My experience today was heartwarming and convicting. I realized just how much I let my flesh lead me instead of the Lord. It was refreshing to jump into scripture that related to something I’m working on–multiple times a day. It was great to allow scripture to be part of my schedule instead of something to squeeze in.

I think it’s great to partner with God to change your life and behavior. The reminders allow you to readjust your attitude if need be and ultimately continue to work of recalibrating your heart. We need effort and commitment in order to take on the heart of God.

I encourage you to get before the Lord. Figure out practical ways to work on loving, forgiving, learning and growing through Christ. Feel free to even use this method and let me know how it goes!

Here is a great feel-good song to get you inspired:

Surrender to love by Kindred the Family Soul

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