Scraped Knees Book Review


Scraped Knees by Ernst Cochy is a wonderful book. I really enjoy the God moments–the places in the book where it’s clear he’s typed words straight from the mouth of God.

Often we can read books that are full of lessons. It is rare to read books full of revelation. A book like this can meet you where you are, in any season. Whether you’re currently experiencing difficulty or not, you’ll be invited into the presence of God. I was touched by the chapter on embarrassment. I could feel a few chains falling off my heart and it was a beautiful opportunity to encounter God right in the middle of reading.

My takeaway from this book is that it’s a call to adjust how we view God and life’s circumstances. Our circumstances have purpose even when it’s difficult to ascribe value to them. Our God is a healer, a perfect father, and has become atonement for our sins against them. We can recite what we know about God, but this book encourages you to really let biblical truths marinate in your heart. It begs the question, “when’s the last time you sat in awe of God?”

This book has insightful teaching yet I am impressed with how well the attention is taken off of the author and placed on God. It’s hard to write a book, have your name on the cover, and not make it about you. It’s evidence of a servant’s heart and a way of living that we’d all benefit from emulating. A life brimming with gifts and purpose that simply speaks of the One coming.

Thanks Ernst for writing this book! I pray and believe that the Lord will touch many hearts and reconcile hurting children back to Him through this book. Thanks for your obedience and courage. God bless your journey and beautiful family!

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