Lesson of the day

I woke up and began doing research. Shortly after, Liam pops up ready to start his day. Don’t worry it was only 5:30am. (Caregivers know this struggle. Your quiet time becomes their time. Lol)

I found myself telling him to sit and play 8000 times. I glanced at him as he laughs, poking his little face up from behind my shoulder. He had the biggest grin and his eyes were full of eagerness. I realized he has no idea what I am doing.

He doesn’t know if it’s important (or what important means). He doesn’t understand how time works and how there are deadlines etc. He lives in a world full of joy and escape attempts during diaper changes. That’s it. Literally that is the end of his perspective capacity.

It’s easy to squeeze our children into x schedule or y expectations. And to some respects, they’ll have to follow suit. It’s the world we all live in. But I have been challenging myself to enter his world every now and then. A world without an agenda (besides eating microscopic items off the floor), high expectations, and to do lists.

Every now and then I’ll stop working so hard and notice how tall he is getting. Or how much his face and personality has changed over the past couple of months. In my pursuits, I don’t want to miss out on what’s going on beside me. My bouncing, happy boy is beside me begging for some attention. And I can spare a moment.

Thanks for the reminder, William Elijah (:

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