Slay And Be Blessed: Kiera Ford

What comes to mind for you in your own life regarding Eve Within? In other words, what would you like to share about the progress you’ve made as a woman of God over the past few years?

I’m very much so a work in progress. But there has been a few mountains that I overcame by the grace of God. I use to run daily. And I don’t mean go for a morning jog or running to try to catch my bus for work. I’m talking about running from my purpose and promises that Christ has spoken to me. In the face of adversity, I used to just quit and try to move on. I wasn’t willing to fight and battle. I didn’t feel like fasting and praying. I wanted quick and easy because I was tired of my tears. Learning how to walk by faith and not by sight, has made me confident. I no longer run from the Goliath’s in my life. But I slay them. I slay at everything. You see that’s what happens when you plant your feet and trust God. You begin to stand firm no matter what. So I’m now a woman of God who is armored. Doubt still tries to call. But I don’t answer. And if I do pick up the phone, it’s to let my spirit know that we are submitted to a king who loves us and he’s always in control.

How important to you are your dreams? How do you tie your pursuit of dreams into your daily life?

My dreams are so real to me. The visions and the seeds God has planted are the glue to the pieces of my life. The more I step into a dream the more past battles and lessons make sense. I pursue my dreams daily by reminding myself what I am called to do. God has called me to preach, write and share the Gospel. Now my platform may not look like what God has promised yet but, I get to show up to work and hang with a classroom of amazing kids. I get to love on high school students at my church. I get to smile and hug everyone to show them the joy that runs deep when Jesus owns your heart. So I am living the dream! But for the other God dreams that I have yet to step into, I’m making sure that I am a good steward of my gifts. So I try my best to write and encourage people much as possible. I preach to my own soul daily. I seek Jesus face and presence daily while I take care of my responsibilities.

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Can you share one revelation you’ve learned as it relates to not losing your passion? (Perhaps, particularly in the face of disappointment.)

I like to think of passion as a fire. And disappointment as another fire. Now life will give us wood. And that is different circumstances and the lessons that come with different seasons. One day I was in my bed sobbing. Because my dreams were shattered. And I didn’t want to get up from my bed. My heart felt heavy and I couldn’t fathom how this was going to work out for my good. Then I felt the Holy Spirit say ” which fire are you going to allow to break out?” We all have a choice. I could have chosen to stay in a bed made with bitterness and cover myself with depression.I could have thrown a piece of wood into the fire of disappointment, nursing my wound and burning the little hope left. But I decided to feed the Holy Spirit fire on the inside of me. The one that carries all my dreams and hopes. So I allowed my disappointment to fuel me. I stopped crying over closed doors and found courage to build a door. That’s the biggest revelation I got. Choose the right fire. What would have and should have broken you, is now your weapon for the kingdom. And that fire will never stop burning. It will consume you with strength to get up and fight another day.

What’s a little bit of your background? How’d you get to be here doing what you’re now doing in 2017?

Well I was born and raised in the Bronx ” Woot woot!”. I grew up in a church but when I was a teenager I wanted to find Christ for myself. So I searched for a church that felt like home. In the midst of the search, I did a lot of silly things. I even forgot that I was a royal daughter of a The King. So I was the turn up queen instead and used anything to fill the voids I was feelings. But God chased me and won like He always does. I walked into Hillsong when I was 17. Joined the youth ministry and it changed my life. God showed me a lot and reminded me how valuable I was. So now I’m a youth leader helping young girls in the Bronx navigate their lives. I pour out from my basket of mistakes and lessons that I made at their age. And I even blog about some of my journey. I also work with really cute kids Monday through Friday. I help teach them various things. The rescue mission that Christ set on my  heart has gotten me here. Loving on His people as much as I can.

What is a common fear you believe women have? How can they overcome this?

Am I enough and or am I too much?

That is a battle that any woman would come across in her life at one point or another. The best way to battle that is, to not look within yourself. Don’t look at what you have. But look at what Jesus promises through himself. He promises that we are more than conquerors! That we are above and not beneath. THROUGH HIM. That’s the key THROUGH HIM. My sweet darlings anything you might fear that you lack, Christ makes up for. Jesus is our bridge for everything. He’s the bridge to heaven, he’s the bridge to prosperity, he’s the bridge to healing. So in him and through him you are made whole and you are enough! Christ is our portion what shall we lack? NOTHING. So don’t believe the lie. Make that lie bow down to the truth. And when you feel like you’re too much of a mistake, too loud, too far gone trust in His grace and mercy. “Fearfully and wonderfully made.” That’s what our creator thinks of us. Everything about you was a well thought out plan. You are made with a purpose for a divine purpose. And this is for the home run. Your creator and savior is well pleased by who you are. So be confident in his workmanship. Believe what he says about you, because it’s the truth!

Please share a scripture that has motivated you. What did God reveal to you about himself? What did He reveal to you about yourself?

“Yet he did not waver through unbelief regarding the promise of God, but was strengthened in his faith and gave glory to God, being fully persuaded that God had power to do what he had promised.”

‭‭Romans‬ ‭4:20-21‬ ‭NIV‬‬

When I read this God reminded me the promises he has promised me weren’t all about me. Thousands of years later we are reading about Abraham’s faith. And it helps renew our personal faith. When I read this I saw my name in the scripture.

“Yet Kiera did not waver through unbelief regarding the promise of God, but was strengthened in her faith and gave glory to God, being fully persuaded that God had power to do what he had promised.”

It was at this moment I knew what kind of story I wanted to tell. A story of how I didn’t allow my faith to waver. About how I was fully persuaded that God is faithful. So I hold myself up to this standard. And when I’m tempted to be moved, I read this out loud and tell me soul “No. Not today. We trust God.”


What is your takeaway message to the woman reading this blog who feels like:

  • Their dream is for someone much older (with “real” life experience)
  • They lack resources
  • They lack supportive community
  • They feel discouraged

Dear princess, beloved chosen woman of God, you are more ready than you think you are. Don’t wait for a feeling of “readiness”. Take the leap even though your palms are sweating, even if you had a rough past. Soar beloved. Because the God who knocked down the walls of Jericho, the God who equipped Moses to part the Red Sea, the God who showed Gomer she is enough, the God who sent his only son down to redeem our souls, is on YOUR SIDE. If he is for you who can be against you?! You are unstoppable and you have the authority and permission from Heaven to go after your dreams! Go out and slay and be blessed!

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