Hope in God: Sheila Wilson


What comes to mind for you in your own life regarding Eve Within? In other words, what would you like to share about the progress you’ve made as a woman of God over the past few years?


My progress has been in different areas such as becoming a married woman in November 2015. I wrote my list back in 1998 including what I wanted in a man and the woman I wanted to be. I sold my home in NYC that I resided in as a first time homebuyer. I also allowed God to expand my ability to learn in business as I achieved my Master’s degree in Entertainment Business and the ability to connect with those who are helping me and my husband rise to the next level in business.

How important to you are your dreams? How do you tie your pursuit of dreams into your daily life?


My dreams are very important to me. I knew about dreams coming true ever since I was a teenager. I have learned to create and say affirmations that I think about and say out loud until they come to fruition.

Can you share one revelation you’ve learned as it relates to not losing your passion? (Perhaps, particularly in the face of disappointment.)


I learned to not give up on what desire God put in my heart because of His promises such as Psalm 37:4. So even in disappointment, I learned to put my hope in God and to continue to delight myself in Him while He works out everything for me as promised in Romans 8.


What’s a little bit of your background? How’d you get to be here doing what you’re now doing in 2017?


I grew up in Bayside Queens where the neighbors provided a melting pot cultural experience. As a result, I pursued the opportunity to represent the USA as one of 16 teenage Ambassadors in Zimbabwe for 6 weeks to start to correct the stereotypes between Africans and Americans. That trip developed my creativity in music, my confidence and courage to be independent and sociable with strangers. I also learned I love to travel and have since then prayed that God would allow me to travel at least once per year. That has come true and inspired me to desire financial freedom to explore the world more without limits from a day job. The freedom also allows me to pursue what I love to do in creating music.

What is a common fear you believe women have? How can they overcome this?


The fear of not being good enough for getting what we really want.

Learning and believing from the scriptures that God made us fearfully and wonderfully made, that God’s grace is sufficient enough for us to do what we need to do and that God promises good plans to prosper us and not harm us.

Please share a scripture that has motivated you. What did God reveal to you about himself? What did He reveal to you about yourself?


The verse Psalm 138:8 in different versions. Here’s the AMPC version:  The Lord will perfect that which concerns me; Your mercy and loving-kindness, O Lord, endure forever–forsake not the works of Your own hands. [Ps. 57:2; Phil. 1:6.]


God is perfecting everything concerning me.

I need to trust God by spending more time with Him… embracing His presence so that I truly experience rest in Him.


What is your takeaway message to the woman reading this blog who feels like:

  • Their dream is for someone much older (with “real” life experience)
  • They lack resources
  • They lack supportive community
  • They feel discouraged

Age is truly nothing but a number and anything is possible with God but we must remain open to that truth to adjust our thinking.If we feel we lack anything then we can ask for it in prayer. However, we also need to read and know and believe the promises that God will provide for our every need

If we feel we lack supportive community then we can ask for support in prayer and then believe we have support by walking in God’s favor while we wait for the true manifestation of that support to arrive.

If we feel discouraged then it’s okay to feel it, cry through it in prayer like David did. Psalm 42 & 43.Then decide to read through and memorize God’s promises like in Psalm 55:22; Psalm 23:1-3; 2 Thes.3:3; Psalm 32:8

Note from Eve Within Founder, Imani Coles:
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