Embracing Purpose: Shantae Shalise


What comes to mind for you in your own life regarding Eve Within? In other words, what would you like to share about the progress you’ve made as a woman of God over the past few years?

Over the past few years, I have certainly embraced my purpose. I have been blessed with talents and skills that I had set to the side and I learned that is something that takes away from who I am. So I have matured and accepted that my talents and skilled are vessels … I am using them in all productive ways.

How important to you are your dreams? How do you tie your pursuit of dreams into your daily life?

My dreams are extremely important…they are excerpts of an entire story I have yet to finish reading. I work daily towards my goals, whether it’s writing, motivating, networking or creating my peace so to say.

Can you share one revelation you’ve learned as it relates to not losing your passion? (Perhaps, particularly in the face of disappointment.)

Well, yes… In 2014 I decided to stop making music, I felt like I had done all I wanted at the time and that making music, just was not what I needed to be me. In that short time of making such a harsh decision …everything I worked for came crashing down around me. Literally, crumbling piece by piece… Deep down I knew I needed to continue making music and during about a year I danced with the idea and once I confirmed once again that I would return and not turn away from making music my life came together brand new.

At the time…I didn’t see it as such but I was losing my passion and not so much because of the music but because something was tugging at me and giving me the feeling that it was not my passion. Never felt like that ever…now I see that it was me pulling at me against whatever feeling was telling me to stop making music. My passion was stronger than imaginable…because I sure was still singing and making music just not at the same velocity in times past.

In that time…see my music ties to everything, so stopping music meant everything else would stop as well. All I can say is that everything I am never left me…maybe it was a test of faith, but look, I’m still here…doing what I love with more passion and dedication than before.


What’s a little bit of your background? How’d you get to be here doing what you’re now doing in 2017?

Let’s see, my background …I always have written songs, made melodies and always have wanted my own music for me to have and share with others. As far as promoting and networking, that came through my experience at a young age about 11. I’d take flyers to circus or businesses and hand them around, then one day got my hands on party flyers…I began networking that way. Those combinations of skills and talent meshed together well and put me in contact with other great people who helped me learn the ropes, by letting me be around them and allowing me into their networks and do what I do. Just be me… Over time I was encouraged by a great friend and I taught myself how to produce music in a studio setting, from then I was able to make my own albums and I let it flow from there. Later I began my own internet radio show and fused it into my marketing and promotion platforms as well …another great person referred me to the platform and I loved it so much that I continued…it’ll be 7 years this December and 12 years since I cut my first debut album.

My mother always encouraged me to be myself and not to try to impress others…not to concern myself with how others perceive me because the Most High knows the real me. So me being me is what got me here today, I am so seriously dedicated to being me and I wouldn’t change a single thing because I have acquired so many other blessings along the way that have confirmed who is really in control of all of what has become of every moment leading up to now and beyond now… Through every single aspect of my experiences what stand out in my memory is that I was always still me no matter the circumstance.

What is a common fear you believe women have? How can they overcome this?

Honestly? Succeeding… I honestly think women are afraid to succeed. Now that’s whole ‘nother topic…but yes. I think women are fearful of succeeding even though we are built to do so. It can be overcome by women working together and not always being envious of the next one’s come up…being supportive not to step on toes and in hopes of seeing a fail but because that is what that same woman would want for herself had she had on the same shoes.

I’m not talking about women babying another woman, no not at all. Every woman has her own backbone and needs to stand up tall and go straight toward her goal and not see any need to try to bring another down in the process. Women need to learn to be genuine and glad in all sincerity for another woman’s success because in that we all are succeeding.

Digital Camera

Please share a scripture that has motivated you. What did God reveal to you about himself? What did He reveal to you about yourself?

Proverbs 31….one of my most empowering scriptures. HE who made me, and she, and she…. Made us to be that of virtuosity and HE put all of those elements in me spoken of throughout that scripture.

When society puts up images of the ideal woman in today’s world I resort to this scripture to refresh myself inside and out because I know that I relate more to a Proverbs 31 woman than many of the other classifications of beauty that is being placed for a woman, such as myself, to identify to.

What is your takeaway message to the woman reading this blog who feels like:

  • Their dream is for someone much older (with “real” life experience)
  • They lack resources
  • They lack supportive community
  • They feel discouraged

Listen… giving up is not an option. You give away who you are and what you stand for when you let time take away your drive. Age is no limitation, resources are not limitations, support is no limitation, and being discouraged is no limitation.

Age is a number and who is to say what age you can fulfill your destiny? At any age you can abound in greatness, some women just get the hang of it at different times, with or without experience.

Resources… I use what I have and make the best of it. I always say that we look at others and presume we don’t have enough…when really HE has given us all we need…we need to use wisdom and discernment in seeing how to use it to the best of our abilities.

Lack of support/community, honestly, you should be the foundation of any support you require. You are the front liner and in that, you have to be a “one woman army” until help arrives and not in disparity. When your support comes it should not be because you don’t have enough, it should be because what you’ve done thus far is that impactful and impressive that one would only be honored to join in and make the process more enjoyable.

Discouraged…Yea, we all get that feeling. It’s an emotion and guess what?  We can control our emotions, we can minimize how long or to what height or depth our emotions can span. In that I mean accept that it can become of you but do not allow it to take control of you. Remember what you aim for and let it be what you enjoy so that it is reasonably easy to get back in step.

I like to keep things in reach that cheer me up. A pic of a handsome man (I’m so serious), a song I love to sing or several, a good memory that makes me laugh to oblivion. So that way when I need a break to revamp, reset and recess; I am able to go back without defaulting. I pick up where I left off but in better terms or I move forward.

I also say have time to yourself…whether it’s a breakaway with a pal or indulging in something that doesn’t distract but just gives a much-needed break away to recoup.

And if all else fails (which I highly doubt…) remember I love you and HE loves you!

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