You Are Enough: Bianca Gambrah

What comes to mind for you in your own life regarding Eve Within? In other words, what would you like to share about the progress you’ve made as a woman of God over the past few years?

I have made so much tangible progress over these last few years such as leaving one job for another, moving from Brooklyn to New Jersey commuting over four to five hours a day to moving back to Brooklyn ( the same apartment I left) only to ask myself why on Earth did I do that??? What was I running from that I ran to the desert? Was I  being a disobedient servant? I  realized in these last couple of weeks, that  I avoid any vulnerable connections because it makes me uncomfortable to talk about pain and things I experienced that are not so pretty. However I came to the realization that by me avoiding these vulnerable connections, I was robbing  God of his glory, and many hiccups would repeat itself. Letting people hear about these hiccups is what makes them draw closer to God so my dear never hide your pain and your story, God wants to use it to bless someone. I made up my mind to be a servant of God, to remain Moldable and in his hands. To seek him first in all of my affairs whether it be social friendships,  career, or family, and my life suddenly became one big positive light.  

How important to you are your dreams? How do you tie your pursuit of dreams into your daily life?

My dream is to make the world a positive place through teaching, workshops, seminars, speaking engagements etc. However, most importantly it starts with me allowing myself to give and receive love unconditionally and living my life in a way that every individual I come in contact with, experiences the Being of God. God is the ultimate dream giver and if he poured these dreams inside of me then it is more than important. It is life changing and an absolute need. How do I tie my dreams into my daily life? By simply choosing to love, choosing to smile at the person next to me–in front of me etc. Reading the word of God to stay grounded, praying, listening to worship music,  and surrounding myself with people that have a passion and a relentless pursuit after God’s heart.


Can you share one revelation you’ve learned as it relates to not losing your passion? (Perhaps, particularly in the face of disappointment.)

When I first started Miss.Be I had every intention of only being a career coach and was hit with greatly disappointed people wanted my service– but not for career coaching. It was clear that I was being stubborn and not being obedient. I  was disappointed in myself.  I thought I did all the right things. I registered a business, I put myself slightly out there then why am I not getting the clients? Then a close friend said to me, “did you seek God? Have you obeyed his request?” I fasted and journaled for 40 days asking God to redirect my steps–  surrendering my will for his. In the face of disappointment, I learned that God wants me to know: all things are meant to work for my good only  if i would  just simply surrender .

What’s a little bit of your background? How’d you get to be here doing what you’re now doing in 2017?

I am a young mom who told myself after having my daughter at 16 and being disowned and shamed by family  that my life was not over and that I would make something of myself. I hold a B.S in Criminology, a Minor in Social work, and Masters of Arts in Counseling specializing in Guidance counseling from grades  K-12. I am also a certified Life and Career Coach. I  originally  launched a career coaching company doing resume,  cover letters etc.  and was convicted by God immediately  to move to life coaching as a whole. I was reluctant  because this meant  I would have to share my story and get vulnerable and that  is a crisis of belief for me. However like I stated earlier, I am committed to remaining  moldable and in God’s hands as his servant. That is how I got here with Miss.BE  Life coaching services LLC.,  where I am known as the Life Clarity  Coach.

What is a common fear you believe women have? How can they overcome this?

That no one cares about what they have to say or offer the world. I particularly believe this stems from how we were or were not validated at young girls. Overcome it by choosing to remain moldable in the hands of God, believing that he created us without mistakes. He gave each one of us unique dreams and talents and he settled all doubts at the cross. We matter simply because we are his Beloved.

Please share a scripture that has motivated you. What did God reveal to you about himself? What did He reveal to you about yourself?

  • No weapons formed against me shall prosper. Isaiah 54:17  God is the ultimate protector and greater is he that is in me than he that is of this world when I am scared he is right there with me.
  • I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me  Philippians 4:13  ( this verse is my Mantra. I say this over 50,000 times a day I hum it when I am on a call with someone who is suicidal and I  can’t seem to say the right words. And it automatically connects me to  God and brings peace.  
  • Blessed are the peacemakers Matthew 5:9. I like to consider myself a peacemaker and whenever I feel isolated because of my desires to spread love, peace, and joy,  this verse refills me and it strengthens me, to know that I am blessed. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to be positive and to spread love.20170301_092913

What is your takeaway message to the woman reading this blog who feels like:

  • Their dream is for someone much older (with “real” life experience)
  • They lack resources
  • They lack supportive community
  • They feel discouraged

Everything you need in life is already in you. God created you whole and complete with your gifts and talents and skills already installed inside of you.  The bible has your manual on how to put you together and how to avoid breaking down and how to stay refreshed and vibrant.  It is up to you to pick up the manual and read the instructions.

Self-worth and the ability to be positive is not a place to get to, but rather a place to start from.  You are strong enough, complete enough, worthy enough, intelligent enough, funny enough, lovable enough, brave enough, you are simply enough. It doesn’t  matter your age, height, skin complexion, environmental influence, family structure. You are enough and the time is now.

Note from Eve Within Founder, Imani Coles:
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