The Importance of a Worship-Filled Home

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What does it mean to have a worship-filled home?

Does it mean that as soon as you and your family walk into the house, y’all should slip and fall on the anointing oil you’ve left on the floor?

Not necessarily.

It simply means that it’s important to be intentional about what you do at home. It’s the parents’ job to create an environment where God’s presence is not only invited, but observed by everyone at home–even the smallest members of the family.

I recall growing up in a home where worship music was constantly played and I was able to see my mom praise God sometimes. I noticed a lot of things she did to maintain peace and reverence for God. It became most apparent when I went outside our home and spent time with other people. It took me years to realize that no matter what I did or where I went, my heart deeply yearned for that peace-filled environment.

I learned that a place where God dwells feels different and produces different desires than a place where He is excluded.

Here are 2 ways to build a worship-filled home:

1. Normalize the presence of Jesus.

Don’t wait 12 years to introduce Him to your children. Invite Him into your lives and home while your family is growing up together if you can. For example, I believe that God is a healer, mom and dad’s kisses are great for boo-boos but God ultimately is the one doing the hard work of healing our bodies. Thus when our son falls or hurts himself, during our consoling we take the time to pray and ask Jesus to heal and ease his pain. This is a way of helping him to associate Jesus with more than grace before a meal or a goodnight prayer. He can see Jesus is a real and tangible factor in our daily lives.

2. Pray for God to fill the hearts in your home

Much of what you see in your home and family will come as a result of consistent prayer. Let’s pray that not only will the presence of the Lord be in our homes but that it’ll leave a permanent residue on the hearts of those who dwell in our homes as well. I pray that no matter where our families go, who they meet, or what they face, they will be familiar with the nudge of the Holy Spirit. And most of all I pray they’d be filled with the power, desire, and wisdom to follow those nudges to the best of their ability. God will be with them when we cannot so we must do our part of encouraging them to have and walk in relationship with Him.

I hope this blog is helpful and encouraging!

In what ways do you invite the presence of God into your home daily?


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