What Christians Should Learn from the Super Bowl Halftime Show Pt 1

I’m Christian.

The problem I have with it is that even as a Christian all I know is what Christians hate or dislike.

If I feel that way as a Christian, if I felt like my faith is dictated by all the things I can’t do or I can’t support then I can’t imagine what those who aren’t Christian think of the religion.

To me it comes across as what the Pharisees would do. They’d say, “I’m closer to God than you and I know what he approves/disapproves of so let me get a list of the top sins (along with my own perspectives/interpretations) and place them on your head.” They placed this list on Christians’ heads and unbelievers’ heads.

Why would unbelievers obey a set of rules to serve a God they don’t believe in? Then be judged for what they do that’s on that list of rules? Now we know that God will judge us, look over our lives, decisions, and look at whether or not we knew better. But people like you and I have gladly begun taking up the mantle of saying, “oh you know you shouldn’t be doing that!”

People of faith say, “I’m not perfect but at least I’m not THAT bad.” So Christianity becomes an, “AT LEAST I’m not doing that” challenge.

At least I don’t have a kid out of wedlock, I’m not sleeping around right now, I’m honest, I’m not on drugs, I’m not on drugs that are as bad as hers, I’m sober, or at least I’m not drunk. So we decide, if I keep 70% of what I interpret to be important to God, that’s a passing grade. I don’t have to feel bad about that other 30% because I’m at least passing.

In my bible it says all have sinned and fallen short of the will of God. It also says no sin is worse than the other. They all grieve the heart of God.

Whether you’re gossiping, cheating on someone or whether you’re a killer etc. literally the Word says to hate someone in your heart is the equivalent of murdering them. So those “70% Christians who find pride in saying they’re not murderers, they just don’t like so and so. If you hate someone, it’s the equivalent of having done so in your heart.

If you hate someone, your heart is not inclined toward them, you’re not praying for them, and you’re not treating them like they’re made in the image of Christ. You’re treating them like an enemy. Jesus loved his enemies so much that He died for THEM as well that he might draw ALL men unto God. (Who was he praying for on the cross saying forgive them for they know not what they do?) He did this in hopes that their hardened hearts would become softened by the power of his love and sacrifice for them.

So are you dying to self? Dying to angry Twitter/FB fingers? Responding the way Jesus would?

I guarantee he’d choose a relationship over condemnation. Particularly internet condemnation.

We forget that we were once enemies of God, the King of Kings. He is perfect. No one who is outside of perfection was welcome in His presence. He could not even look on sin from the heavens, it grieved him too much. In the Old Testament, you’d read that he was constantly turning his face from nations because of their sin. He’d let neighboring nations takeover and destroy nations he once loved if they gave themselves over to sin after his countless warnings. Sin was that unbearable to Him.

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