Welcome to Eve Within!

Eve Within is a platform to help women conquer the divide between their impulses and purpose. Let’s silence our negative internal dialogue together.

Eve Within exists to act as a resource in helping women bridge the gap between where they are and where they’d liked to be. Together, we explore opportunities, businesses, the minds of entrepreneurs, the latest in industry news, and encouragement to pursue your dreams in various fields. There is power in having community, wise counsel, education, and living from purpose daily.

About the Founder


Imani Coles is an entrepreneur from New York City who endeavors to change the world one young person and one conference at a time. Her life’s goal is to walk alongside others, encourage them, and inspire them to push themselves towards their purpose.

Her heart is to serve others and aid them on their journey through life by connecting them with influential community members, publishing books, speaking, hosting workshops, and loving others.