HBGLY Review

Hey Beautiful, God loves you!” Started out as just an title. By the end of the book it became a revaluation. It became truth that pierced my soul and took out doubt. This book has helped me triumph in my sufferings. It gives you a sense of community. You now know that you are not facing struggles alone. Imani does a good job of discussing the things we are afraid to go over. It’s a great conversation starter. I used this book to talk to high school girls that I mentor. It sets a tone and a pace for FREEDOM. Freedom to be who we are, freedom to be honest. While reading I got practicals on how to deal with relationships, my roller coaster of emotions and how to pursue God deeper. “Hey Beautiful, God loves” is more than a book. It’s insight to how much the all powerful and loving God is for us and how his love can be evident in our daily lives. You enjoy the devotional for 30 days but you’re changed forever. – Kiera Ford